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Music Paul Kwo New Album: TIME is now available here!
Paul Kwo has just released his new album TIME here at paulkwo.com. Be the first to check it out!
Music When The Stars Are Out
Paul Kwo's new hit single When The Stars Are Out is now available!
Film God's Not Dead 2
Paul Kwo plays his signature role of Martin Yip in this sequel to the 60 million dollar blockbuster hit God's Not Dead.

Be sure to check in early April for Paul Kwo's original version of the song Nearer My God To Thee that he performed on the piano and sung in God's Not Dead 2.
I'll say this @paulkwo character will have you cheering #godsnotdeadmovie
- @SethCanoy
Paul is one of the really sweeping musicians that let influence all genres into their -complex but near to the soul- expressions.
- Stefan @ CDbaby
@paulkwo you were my favorite character in the movie Gods not Dead!!!!!!!! #precious
- @k_elizabeth62
A young Chinese student [Paul Kwo] who discovers he is a Christian has a painful fight with his father that is well played.
- Sheila O'Malley @ rogerebert.com
One scene in God’s Not Dead 2 rings truer...College student [Paul Kwo is told by his father]...he’s brought dishonor to his family with his newfound faith...Devastated and lost, and...in the lovely piece of music, he finds piece, and kinship...It’s a reminder of what Gospel film extolls can accomplish in the best and most open hearts.
- Dominick Suzanne-Mayer @ consequenceofsound.net